Why Hiring A Search Engine Marketing Firm Is Crucial For Your Business

When it comes to getting your businesses online presences and all other related activities, you are most likely to be faced with two options. You can either decide to learn the basics and then do it on your own. The other option which is what most business owners choose to do is you can hire a digital marketing firm to get the job done for you.

Let us first discuss the scenario if you decide to get the SEO of your business is done on your own. Even though there are tons of tutorials which can help you to grasp the basics and you happened to live in a large city such as New York, it still would not make you a seo nyc expert overnight. For that, you would need to acquire years of knowledge and experience. Also, you might also not be capable enough to handle some sticky situations which come your way. 
That is why the more reasonable and logical option would be for you to hire an SEO firm to do the SEO for you. Not on,y are they extremely knowledgeable and experienced, but they will also make sure that the work gets done in a proper manner. Even though many people tend to become hesitant about paying a high amount of fees to SEO experts, it is more important to look at it as an investment. In this way, you will be able to take your business to the next level and even get ahead of your competitors.

Other than that, some of the other benefits that you will be able to enjoy from hiring an SEO firm are as follows:

•    Awareness of your brand
The first benefit that you will be able to enjoy from hiring an SEO firm is that it can help in increasing the awareness of your brand. One of the most common and perhaps even the primary way they do this is through the use of appropriate keywords. By selecting the right keywords, it can allow your business to rank higher in all the major search engines. On this way, it can even help in making the customers trust your business even more.

•    Achieve your business goals
If your business goal is to become extremely successful and expand your business, then an SEO firm can help you to do just that. The main reason Search Engine Marketing companies have become so successful in today’s times is because they seem to understand exactly what their clients are wanting. Based on that, they design all the plans and strategies which will help in achieving these goals. With the help of using SEO services, you will also be able to target an entirely new segment of customers. This is because nowadays people are heavily dependent on the internet. So with your business increasing in visibility, it is quite likely that the potential customers would come to your website

•    Helps in building of networks
Lastly, SEO firms can also help you to build networks. This can be done through social media. By making your presence felt on all the leading social media sites, you will get the opportunity of interacting with your customers along with different business members. 

Thomas Broadbent, the winner of 2016 PULSE Prize for his thoughtful innovation about deep outer space exploration


PULSE NY has recently announced regarding the winner of the 2016 PULSE Prize, who is Thomas Broadbent. He won the prize because his impressive contribution towards the contemporary art which he has illustrated with this outer space-themed art of “Inertia” series.

This elegant piece of art has been present in the Front Room Gallery of Williamsburg. Total fourteen pieces of art were selected, and the 14 nominees exhibited their minis-solo shows at the fair.

Among all of them, Broadbent got the cash grant of $2,500. The work of Broadbent has been inspired from the outer space exploration of NASA. The imagery known as Inertia is heavily relied on the space photography of NASA.

About the work of Thomas Broadbent

  • The booth comprises two alluring sculptures cast in porcelain regarding the near-earth asteroids. The asteroids have been beautifully rendered with detailed watercolors.
  • However, space is represented with black emptiness, and it has entirely surrounded the bodies that also has been replaced by the while color of the page.
  • Broadbent has illustrated the astronaut is floating within the stark white vastness with which he portrayed space walk on his art “Inertia.”
  • The dreamlike inversion shows a surreal sense of isolation as well as absolute loneliness. Lunar Mosaic also known as the Challenger Craters represents the history linked with the space program.
  • Thomas Broadbent has used multi-sheet watercolor like the exact way NASA combined the photographs so as to capture an entirely larger view of the surface of the moon.

Review and praise of the art work presented at the exhibition 

According to Daniel Aycock, the co-owner of the gallery, this piece of art has a retro look along with a futuristic element together at the same time. He also points out the fact that moon landings occurred many decades ago, but this art work is representing the current era of space exploration as well as the era of moon landing which had happened many years ago simultaneously.

Among other nominees, Isidro Blasco was present at the Black and White Gallery. Jaq Chartier was also the nominee at the William Baczek Fine Arts. At Honey Romka, Lars Van Dooren was present. The winner of 2016 PULSE prize was Broadbent, and his win follows the honour of Trong Gia Nguyen for his work at the mc2gallery of Milan.

The out-of-the-world artwork of Thomas Broadbent was highly praised by some of the most illustrious art critics. The judge as well as the contributor of the artnet news Mr. Anthony Haden-Guest via e-mail wrote to the artnet news about the contemporary artwork of Thomas Broadbent. He wrote that most of the artworks at the fairs looked just the same as that of the other arts.

However, surprisingly the innovative idea of Thomas regarding the meteorites is commendable and highly exemplary. Matthew Israel, who joined Mr. Anthony on the panel of judges, also admired the artworks of Broadbent by telling that the modern artwork of Thomas Broadbent is the epitome of impressive outer space exploration.

But, the creative part of shades of black and white makes it one of a kind in the world of painting and sculpture.